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Where Should I Buy a Boat?

Obviously the right answer here is 918 BOATS. However, If you are buying a pre owned boat, you will buy it where you find it — whether that is here in the 918 BOATS pre owned inventory, or in the driveway of your neighbor. If you are buying a new boat, you will look in some specific places.

The first place to check out is the 918 BOATS showroom. Your local dealer can service your boat and motor and, honestly, is going to be at least as responsible for your happiness as a boater as they are for the actual boat itself. Look for “ demo days” and “owner rendezvous” events that you can attend to ride on some boats, meet with other boaters, and develop a rapport with your local dealer.

Another great place to buy a boat is at The Oklahoma Boat Expo where you will find 918 BOATS. At the show, you can climb aboard the two or three boats that make up your “short list” and compare the features directly. You can also get quotes from the competing manufacturers for the boat sale, as well as other desired services such as storage, dockage or winterization. The Oklahoma Boat Expo is also a great place to shop for financing: Make the banks earn your business. Finally, many boat- and engine-makers offer incentives for making the purchase at the show (though many of these can be had at 918 BOATS if one is firm in asking).

What Type of Boat Should I Get?

This is one of the most common questions. The answer is very individualized, and requires answering some other questions. For instance, how many people will the buyer be boating with? The boat must have that capacity.

Next, is there an activity that takes precedence for the buyer over others, such as wakeboarding, wakesurfing, fishing or just cruising? Most boats can serve multiple roles in a pinch, but a real enthusiast will want a boat designed to help them make the most of their primary activity.

Then, ask yourself whether you will need to sleep aboard the boat? Not everyone wants a cabin, and with no living space, room on deck is maximized. Of course, some boaters like a respite from hot sun, cold or damp, and for them, shelter might be welcome, even if sleeping aboard never occurs.

Ask yourself whether you will be trailering the boat? For one thing, the boat selected must not exceed the trailering capacity of your car or truck. Does the boat need to fit in a garage? How long is it on the trailer? How high?

Selecting the right type of boat takes some soul searching and, preferably, some time spent aboard friends’ boats or rental boats to help narrow down the features wanted.

How Much Does A Boat Cost?

Boat costs can range from under $10,000 for a new small fishing boat or PWC to millions of dollars. Perhaps more useful is that, according to the latest data from NMMA, the average price of a brand new powerboat hovers at about $40,000. For some, this seems high, but experienced boaters might ask that these folks consider the following before dismissing boating as expensive.

Boating is commitment in time as well as money, like other recreational activities. Few of those provide the return that boating does. For example, a boat allows a family to go fishing, participate in watersports, cruise to interesting places, and see and do things together that the land-bound cannot. Boat owners always have a weekend getaway on tap.
Boating is also an investment in the ties that bind. It’s harder to get a more “captive” audience with family and friends than taking them out on the boat. The bonds that come from learning new skills together, experiencing new things together, and just being in a different environment together are tough to beat.

No bones about it: It costs money to go boating, as it costs money to do many other activities. The benefits, though, as millions of boaters will attest, are unique and just plain tough to beat

Should I Buy New or Pre-owned?

Both have merit. If you buy a new boat, you will pay more. With a new boat, you should be able to rely on the dealer’s reputation (918 BOATS) and the manufacturer’s warranty for peace of mind and service. You will generally be able to finance a new boat for a lower rate and, perhaps, with a lower down payment. A new boat provides the most modern systems. It’s hard to beat the “bragging rights” and pride in ownership of a brand new boat.

Used boats can be had for less money than new boats. Many used boats might still come with a remnant warranty from the manufacturer and, if purchased from a dealership, might come with a 30-90 warranty (varies by locality). In any event, we recommend you hire a licensed marine surveyor to conduct a pre-purchase survey of any used boat you are considering. Add this cost — which might range from $500 to $1,500 — to the cost of the boat.

Used boats do not have the latest upgrades, though many have been refitted with new systems and motors. Used boats generally suffer less from depreciation compared with new boats. Used-boat financing usually requires higher rates, bigger down payments and shorter terms.

When comparing new and used boats, one is not better than the other, but each offers benefits that the other does not. It’s up to you to decide in which camp you are more comfortable.

Do I Need a License to operate a boat?

Oklahoma law requires all motorized boat and PWC operators who are 12 to 15 years old and will be operating a vessel over 10 hp to pass a boater safety course and to carry a boater education card. In many cases, completion of a boater-safety course can result in discounted boat insurance.


What Type of Vehicle Do I Need to Tow My Boat?

The type of vehicle you need to tow your boat will vary by the size of the boat. A small skiff or PWC may be towed by a compact car. A big diesel pickup is required to haul around a 40-foot race boat. For most boaters, an SUV or pickup truck with a V-6 or V-8 engine serves well.

Of course you probably already know that a small vehicle can tow a small boat, and a big truck can tow a big boat. Many new boaters wonder about the advantages of towing. There are many.

For one, you get to cruise your boat to many more locations, whether just across town or across the country. With a trailer, a boater can cover many miles quickly on the highway and then put in at new and exciting boating locations.

Another benefit of trailering is that storage costs can be kept lower. With a trailer, boaters can bring their boats home and store them on their own property. Some trailers even boast folding tongues that allow them to more easily fit in a garage.

Of course, keeping the boat on a trailer makes corrosion much less of a worry compared with storing a boat in the water.

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